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Quiyada Website Services

With the increased need of websites and online environments for business and personal use, many people are in need of websites or website services. My father once told me that it is better to teach me something rather than just give it to me without instruction. That was a blessed concept that I have grasped my entire life, even propfessionally.

With Quiyada Website Services (QWS), I give you the option to create your very own website. You cut out the developer charges and are able to amend your website to your liking on your own. Not many host or developers would do this for their clients but I want to see people develop independently. If that is what you prefer. Tutorials and more are coming soon.

Design Services

Additional development and design services are available for an hourly additional fee.

If you design your own website, you will not be issued the additional fees for development and design. Our customer service team will walk you through the development and design process with plentiful tutorials along with my own below.  COMING SOON.